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Residence Life & Housing Website Redesign

When I was hired in Residence Life & Housing at the University of Delaware, I made the website redesign my number one priority. Six months later, the site was finished. The new website is not only more visually pleasing, but more accessible. It is responsive, so the website functions on nearly every device by resizing and rearranging every page to fit each and every screen. I also wanted to make sure this fancy new design worked for everyone, so it was coded to work on older browsers all the way back to Internet Explorer 6. A year before I started working at UD, the department began working with the campus marketing and communications office to redesign the site, but efforts had stalled. I worked with the department administration and department as a whole to gather feedback on what they wanted to see, and with the campus marketing and communications office to create website templates (homepage, first level, second level, and meet the staff templates). While the templates were being built, I collected and created all brand new content for the new site. I asked nearly everyone in the department to contribute content based on their area of expertise and role in the department. From there I collected and edited all the content, and placed it into the completed templates.

Web 2.0

A few months after the redesign, it was announced that my department, Residence Life, was merging with another department, Housing Assignment Services. I got to work right away with the Communications Specialist in Housing Assignment services on creating a new website. Using the same design, I created a mock-up that incorporated the new department and presented it to the administration. As soon as it was approved, we got to work creating a unified website before the start of the school year. Three month later, we were “finished” – as finished as a website can be.

Old UD Website

New UD Website

Virtual Tour

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Division of Student Life Newsletter

I’m on a division newsletter committee, and our job is to desalinate information once a semester to everyone within the division. My role is web developer, content creator, videographer, and editor. I made and update the site on WordPress, collect and edit content from committee members, and shoot and edited all videos.

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